About the company

VB Partners is a private investment company. Founded in 2013, VB Partners engages in structuring transactions, raising finance, private equity, and origination of club deals for investments into projects in both traditional and emerging sectors of the economy.

Through our accumulated experience, VB Partners participates in all aspects of complex transactions, including business restructuring, shareholder conflicts and special situations.

Our advantages lie in faster decision-making, deep understanding of customer needs, flexibility, and readiness to implement complex projects with a large number of stakeholders.

The portfolio of assets under management includes both equity rights and debt claims to companies in Russia, Armenia and the United States. The total value of assets under management exceeds $1.5 billion.

VB Partners invests the money of shareholders, partners, and third-party investors. Amongst our partners and co-investors are Russian major public and private companies, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, and investment funds.

VB Partners aims at creating sustainable businesses that have a transparent corporate governance structure and are attractive to Russian and foreign investors.

VB partners is actively involved in the management of portfolio companies – shaping the optimal development strategy, controlling operations and meeting targets, developing long-term management incentive plans, and attracting debt and equity financing for business development.

VB Partners is ready to consider new investments in companies with a coherent business model and effective management, either on its own or together with partners and co-investors.